It took me some 20 years to feel the way I do now about the city that raised me. As a kid pursuing a career in professional football, it was hardly a place i wanted to call home. The week I graduated high school I left to “never return again”. Im soon 28 years young with the mindset and experience of a 50 year old. Let’s just say I’ve been around. Since I left New York City, ive called more than a handful different places home. But life has taught me that no matter how far you stray, no matter where you go, your true path will always lead you back to your true home. A home with a beautiful family that cannot be replaced by any entity in this world. After turning this world upside down i find myself becoming a man of few words. Im a 28 year old man living with his parents, and for the first time ever in love with a city ive ran away from my whole life. As an American whos lived abroad, I can tell you that this is the greatest country in the world. Im proud to be a New Yorker, but first and most Im proud to be an American. Yet above all my family come first. And you know what, i intend to cherish and hold on to every moment i spend with them. Because life is too fucking short to be away from people you love, that love you back unconditionally. God has blessed me with a life that makes me say “What have i done to deserve all this?” My greatest treasure is my family. I live in the greatest city in the world, the greatest country in the world, with the greatest treasure mankind could ever have. I have never been happier or more at peace in my entire life. Im a man who knows what he wants. Now that i know where I wanna be, theres nothing stopping me to be everything that i ever wanna be! And you know what. I will be. Because I have the unconditional love and support i need. The strength and the power to find a meaning, a purpose, a moment of happiness in each day left of my life. May God bless us with health and good people. And in the mean time.. do your best everyday. Cause after all, thats all you can ever ask of yourself. 


  1. What did say our grandpa ” Spoken words fly away, writen words remain”. And i decided to write like you West . Thank you and welcome again

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