People have Talent!


During the past couple of weeks I have received many dishes from food enthusiasts.

Here are some of the pictures…

Saffron-pasta with homemade tomato sauce, garlic-chilli-scallops and lemon.

By: Linda Kylberg from Stockholm, Sweden

Linda, this dish looks absolutely delicious. I love scallops!  Actually inspired me to create my own pasta dishes.







By: Ali Reza Ganjour from New York, USA.

Bamia with arugula sunflower seed salad.


Dude, this is a dish I grew up with and hated all my life. But I must say, your version looks very tempting. I’m coming over for dinner when i’m back in New York.



     By: Stan Perez from Madrid, Spain.

    This steak looks juicy! Love the presentation. We’ve come a long way from the “chicken platter” we used to order back in High School. 🙂

By: Ingela Wiking from Stockholm, Sweden.

Fresh Lobster with avocados, caviar and onions. FAN VA GODT!

I think this starter speaks for itself. I would order this in any seafood restaurant.

Pan roasted Asparagus, carrots with chicken and bacon.

 By: Paw Pedersen from Horsens, Denmark.

 Paw I didn’t think you could heat microwave food let alone cook something up. I’m glad to see you found your way into the kitchen. Chef Max Konrad would be proud and so am I. xo

By: Hanadi Nielsen from Herning, Denmark.

Classic Turkish Dolma.

I truly miss your food Hanadi. Even though I was critical and you hated my guts, you are one of my favorites. I can’t wait to have your famous Lasagna again. Miss you!

I have many more pictures with awesome food sent in by you guys. It is awesome to see everyone finding their way into the kitchen. Please keep training, stay healthy and keep cooking.



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