I’m a fellow Traveller

So just like myself, you have the urge to turn this world upside down. Good for you! I admire people like that. Ones that see a cliff and can’t help it but take a leap of faith.

Indian Ocean

far far away

If you only traveled here and there, not to worry. You have the rest of your life to change that. All it takes is one great adventure to unlock the secrets of your heart. Being lost is not such a bad thing. I find myself in traveling. Answers to questions I could never answer become much more clear. I see things from a different angle and slowly you begin to understand that not everything has to always make perfect sense. Sometimes you just gotta do things because it’s simply what makes you happy in that moment.

If you are happy in the present moment then what else could possibly matter?

Do you have a life changing story? An experience you want to share? I want to know. Write it here. I will publish it for you. Giving you all credit of course.

Do you have advice for your fellow travelers? Any tips or suggestions? Places to go, stuff to do, things to see, before kicking the bucket.



  1. I follow you from Belgium :)) You have super writing skills, intelligence and of course experience:) This is one of the pages that I enjoy reading as a traveler, a writer and a teacher :))

    Regards from Europe 🙂
    Keep writing..

    Tebrikler 🙂
    Tuğba öğretmen

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