The Perfect Title

Sup. Well, this is unconventional. I used to give a couple of shits. But now I don’t. For example, this is not how I would start a blog post usually. I’d come up with “the perfect sentence” to grab the readers attention. Cause that’s what I learned when I was young, writing for the school newspaper. But as you get older you realize there are really no “rules”. There’s only guidelines. Don’t get me wrong, there are things you have to do in life and those things may come with a certain set of rules. But if you have complete freedom, all you gotta do is be yourself. Damn it, i’m a great writer. Sorry, I don’t praise myself normally. And in fact, this is an inner thought that i’m sharing. And I don’t know why im sharing. But damn! I’m a fantastic writer. I should write more often. My dad calls me a wordsmith. (End of inner thought) So let me “Wordsmith” the shit out of this. And yes! There shall be profanity! Not for anything, but sometimes you need a good FUCK! Cause THAT is the only word that gets it done!

“What’s the big deal it doesn’t hurt anybody, Fuck Fuckity Fuck Fuck FUCK!” “How would you like to see the school counselor?” “How would you like to suck my balls? “WHAT DID YOU SAY?” “I’m sorry i’m sorry, actually, what I said was; “HOW WOULD YOU LIKE TO SUCK MY BALLS!? Mr. Garresen. South Park anyone!? Eric Cartman!? Ehh Fuggedaboutit! You see what I mean. There are no rules.

So let me just say, fuck these people. Fuck whoever created this virus. (China) Fuck whoever is keeping people locked up at home. Fuck the governments for ruining people’s lives and business’s around the world. This is all part of a bigger agenda. You can wake the fuck up and realize it, or you can live the rest of your life in fear of a fucking virus that kills less people than the fucking FLU. Where is the flu!? Where’s the fucking flu!? These illiterate cunts just replaced the word flu, with “Coronavirus”, “Covid”, “Covid-19”. God damn Chinese virus!

I have absolutely had it with this shit. You’re scared to die, but you’re not living. You’re afraid of a virus with a kill rate of 0.2% worldwide, when there are literally a million other things that could kill you instead. This can’t be “the new normal”. I’m down for masks but don’t close peoples businesses. Don’t kill their livelihoods. If you are, then at least take care of them. Give them money so they can fucking survive! God damn piece of shits. Zero point Two! That’s the God damn death rate. Stop being such pussies and live whatever time you got left on earth as a free person. Make it my choice. Let me decide if I wanna go out or not. Whoever wants to stay home and quarantine you can all kiss my ass and do that. But people should be given the freedom of choice. Amen or what!? And listen if you don’t speak English don’t translate this shit to Turkish or Arabic. It’s not gonna make sense to you. It barely makes sense in English. But I know someone out there will understand me. Like I said, there are no rules, only guidelines. Stop being bitches about this virus. And stop getting tested you assholes. If you feel sick just stay the fuck home until you feel better.

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