Unpopular opinion; Donald Trump is the Best President in America’s recent history. I’m gonna tell you why, but first, let’s agree to disagree. You may like him, you may not. The man puts American citizens first. First off, let’s get one thing straight, I live in the United States. If you don’t live here, I don’t expect you to like him. The world may hate Donald Trump, but the “silent majority” will prevail this coming election. Far left Socialist Democrats who support #Defundthepolice & #Blacklivesmatter along with Sleepy Joe Biden will not take control of this country. This is nothing but a political agenda to dismantle Trump.

For months in this country we have seen looting and chaos under the name of “Black Lives Matter” protests. Mind you, the “Black Lives Matter” movement has ruined more Black lives than Covid & Donald Trump combined. Did I say Covid!? Sorry I meant ChinaVirus. Black lives matter? The very notion of that is racist. ALL LIVES MATTER! And when I say that i’m a racist! Excuse me but, who the hell are you!? I was perfectly happy before all this BLM stuff. Now my city is destroyed. Vandalized. Robbed. People are being killed in vein. Murder is up 300% from last year in New York City. Throughout the country all Democrat run cities have been destroyed. It’s sad to see.

Of course you don’t see any of that. You live in Europe or Asia and you watch CNN with the liberal media’s agenda to try and demise Donald Trump. It’s sad to see honestly. Because living outside the United States, I actually disliked Trump very much. As you read in my earlier post, I did give him the benefit of the doubt in 2016. I must say, 2020 he’s got my backing. I’m gonna get to the why’s in just a second. But i’d like to clear your reasons why YOU don’t like Trump first. One; You don’t like that he’s “politically incorrect”. How he “divides people”. Whatever your reason, I can promise your argument won’t last more 5 minutes without falling apart.

Number 1: Donald Trump’s response to Covid-19, a.k.a ChinaVirus has been excellent. Unemployed citizens are getting check after check for not being able to work. $700,000,000,000 and it would have been more had it not been for the far left liberal socialist Democrats who can’t control their cities. Democrats like Governor fuckhead Cuomo of New York and dumbass of a Mayor De Blasio. They have turned New York City into an unlivable place. Which is why I am leaving very soon. Not planning on coming back for a while. If I do, it will definitely be a Red state. I was a swing voter before the last election but the past year has turned me into a Republican. Because they stand for the America I knew growing up. A God fearing Christian America. Not this new shit.

Number 2: I love Donald Trump’s foreign policy. For decades countries have benefited off the United States without nothing in return. Countries like Russia, China who took millions of jobs. North Korea! Iran! The man is certainly not bowing to anyone. That’s Donald Trump for you. It’s his way or the highway. He puts America & Americans first.

Number 3: I didn’t want Hilary, and I most certainly do not want Sleepy Joe Biden as President. Like him or not, America WILL re-elect Donald Trump another term. Deal with it. I like him. He is the man! You would too if you saw him through an American point of view.

Number 4: Dear Black Lives Matter people, Donal Trump has done more for Black people than your boy Obama. These are facts. Lowest Black or ANY race unemployment rate in  history with 2.5 million jobs generated by the economy. Stock market continues to surge in spite of ChinaVirus. People say “minimum wage jobs”? Well those minimum wage jobs weren’t there before him. You may not need that minimum wage job, but I can assure you someone else does.

Number 5: And last but not least, because this isn’t a face to face chat. If you listen closely and have an ability to analyze human actions and reactions, you can see he is actually genuine. No bullshit, straight forward. Perhaps not to your liking of being “politically correct”.  You may or may not like him. But he is everything a country and its people could want from a President.

In conclusion, I do not want to live in a city full of officials sympathizing with violent behavior. I do not feel safe in the streets or in expressing my 1st Amendment right. Which is freedom of fucking speech! The Amendment that states I can say whatever the fuck I want. ALL LIVES MATTER! Black lives do not matter more than White lives! Nor vice versa. If we can’t agree on that then there is nothing more to talk about. If you’re such a “liberal” and believe in equal rights, then you must also RESPECT other opinions and views. Otherwise you’re just hypocrite. So like I said earlier, let’s agree to disagree. Donald Trump is the greatest President of our time.





  1. Eser West, you’re a huge disappointment. You may not know – or blind to see – but in Trump’s world you’re not the American that he prefers to put first. And it’s because of your Turkish roots. This man is racist and it’s not this hard to accept that.

    1. Are people not allowed to have their own opinions anymore? And he IS not a racist. Keep listening to mainstream media. Eser West, thank you for seeing the good in people.

  2. death, now 150,000, fellow Americans. Afraid that all the red States listened to Trump, and are now exceeding Cuomo.s numbers. It is amazing to me that you do not see the comparison to Ertogan, another dictator.

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