Serialized Book- “The First Half”

My book “The First Half” will be serialized here on my blog one chapter at a time throughout my life. It will reflect on the first half of my life, my search of an identity, and the journeys of a wandering soul. In search of who knows what. I’ve always envisioned myself writing a book some day, but I never knew what it would be about. I thought once I get into my 40’s, I would have a better idea. Then one day, I was sitting outside a cafe on a beautiful Uruguayan summer night and I got the inspiration to start writing my book now. I decided I had enough stories and things to share to make a great first few chapters. And you never know, I may never make it to see my 40’s.  This book is called “The First Half” and from the first chapter you will know exactly why. I am not writing this book in hopes of it becoming a NY times bestseller or appear on Oprah. I’m writing it so that people I know can get to know me a little better. So other people who have similar dreams, struggling with similar things will know that they are not alone. That dreams do come true. Though life isn’t always a fairytale. Maybe I just love writing and just want another excuse to write. Regardless, whoever reads this book will know my story. Everybody has a unique story. This one is mine.

“The First Half”    – by Francesc West

Chapter 1- Football

Chapter 2- “True Love”

Chapter 3- Sex, Drugs & Rock N’Roll

Chapter 4- Chef West

Chapter 5- The Adjustment Bureau 

Chapter 6- New York fucking City

Chapter 7- Bipolar

Chapter 8- Obliteration

Chapter 9- LITHIUM

Chapter 10- A new Chapter

Chapter 11- ACTIII, Scene I

Chapter 12- The”Vision”


    1. Dont feel bad. I did many things because i was lost. I have amazing parents that supported me throughout my life and continue to do so til this day. I could have never done the things i did without them. And besides we are still young.. 🙂 theres still time to do all the things youve ever wanted to do.

  1. Hey Eser, I saw you on that Turkish Tv show, and you have an amazing character buddy. I’ve just read the chapters which are really nicely written. Don’t ever give up! You deserve the best of everything.
    OH, USA

  2. I read almost everything you wrote in your website, at first i was irritated because having so much in common with a “stranger” was not something usual for me (really really not usual). I was also freakishly a bit angry a couple of days because those feelings, personality traits and circles of life supposed to be only mine and it should have been remained as mine. But later on i said to myself wait a minute wasn’t it what you wanted? someone who understands you, someone you can laugh with and rule the world. all the steps you have gone through, all the seeking of the self and love… sentences like this sounds very rhetorical for many people but i know EXACTLY what you mean, i know exactly how it feels trying to find the self of own, the feeling of being lost and the feeling of maybe this time this is the person of my life. (i can write more but i think it is already a very long message for an intro) in brief, i am 21 years old, i grew up listening to my parents’ beautiful love story which contains freedom, passion and deep love. I am not turkish i am from europe but living in istanbul. you always say in your writings that you want the girl TO FIND YOU. So, let me find you.
    I don’t know whether it works or not but it is worth to try.
    my anonymous instagram account is: @letmefindyou123
    if you contact me through dm i will reveal my identity to you.

    have a nice day 🙂

  3. ESER WEST 🙂 🙂 🙂 pozitif enerji veren MAN 🙂 calısırken senin hikayeni okumak cok keyifliydi .2 günümü ayırdım seni tanımak için ve cok akıcı oldugu nu düsünüyorum kitabının.Gercekleri yansıttıgı içinde ayrı bir heyecanla okudum.annenin babanın desteği ile tekrar hayata tutundugunu düsünüyorum.onların hayatımızdaki yeri cok büyük. kötü alıskanlıklarından kendi isteginle kurtulman cok gururlandırıcı. bende 25 yasındayım yani 2016 yla artık 26 olduk 🙂 hayat bazen neleri getirir bilinmez su gibi akıyor ömrümüz. belki bu programda yapacagın evlilik senin hayatının dönüm noktası olacaktır.ama evlilik herzaman hayatın olumsuzluklarına bir çözüm degildir.kalbin cok temiz duruşun cok iyi ,Hersey gönlünce olsun . istanbulu tekrar tercih edip burda yasamaya baslaman sana hep artı getirecektir burda dogmus ve büyümüş birisi olarak söylüyorum you know 🙂
    seni survivor da görmek güzel olurdu futbol kariyerin var ve sportmen birisi oldugun için eminimki basarılı olursun . bi seyirci olarak sana yazmak istedim 🙂
    kendine iyi bak , tüm güzel seyler seni bulsun kalbi temiz birisi oldugun için hakediyorsun umarım okursun okuduguna dair bi dönüş yapmanıda beklerim 🙂
    görüsmek üzere good bye . good boy 🙂

  4. Francis its so sweet of you to share your emotions and experiences in the way that you do. You are so deep especially in regards to your life philosophy and your memories. I am 22 and your life energy and beliefs are inspiring to all of us. I noticed that you are now busy with a TV show in Turkey but I’m not sure what it is about haha 🙂 But I’m sure you will succeed in whatever it is that you’re doing. Also I would be grateful if you replied to this comment and we had a longer conversation. Wishing you all the best.

  5. You may be a nobody to everyone else but right now you are my everything. This book was so emotional and true and just natural written that I now have tears in my eyes and I’m about to cry. There are not many people out there like you. Real, honest, natural, kind, good hearted etc. thats what you are. God, you are an amazing human being. Love u!

  6. Sevgili Eser bazen ıssız bir çölün ortasında, karanlık bir kuyunun içinde yalnız ve korkmuş bir çocuk gibi hissettiğini biliyorum. O kuyudan çıkmanın ve çölü geçmenin yolunu göstermek isterim sana.

    Rehber dost

  7. I have never thought that you could write such inspiring things. Tv makes you look like an empty person. Keep on writing but not acting.

  8. Eser sana ulaşmak istedim ama sosyal medyada hesabını kapatmışsın…. sana ulaşıp konuşmak istiyorum… umarım bu yorumu görürsün

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