This is for the reader. As per your questions, my urge to write doesn’t depend on a specific time. Only when I feel like it. So, every blog just may be the last one. Yet here I find myself again. Connecting. Looking for answers. Just like everyone. The more I question, the more I realize nobody really has the right answers. Everyone just thinks they do or pretend like they do. There are many questions to ask. You must first ask this; Is it better to know, or not to know? That is the question! Do you really want the answer? Do you really need to know? Because sometimes it’s best if you simply don’t.

There is a reason we are all on a “need to know” basis in this world. Because there are some things we just simply must and cannot know. Full disclosure, I don’t believe for one second that knowing certain things would make anything any better. It’ll just be a distraction from living your life. Hence many things are kept a mystery for a reason.

I can assure you that it’s not me who has the answers you seek. The moment I thought I had the answer, was always the moment I was the furthest away from it. I rarely came across people that I just now realize perhaps maybe were on to something when even though I perhaps oh so heavenly did not want to believe in what they were saying at the time. Perhaps the dreamer in me was too alive and powerful to let some “fool” tell me otherwise. Later in life perhaps I’d realize they were right. Maybe.

Here is what I can tell you fellas. We should stop asking so many questions. Maybe we should just let the unknown be the unknown. Perhaps one day when we need to know, we will then know. Perhaps the information we seek isn’t the key to what we really want in this life. Maybe the answers we are looking for are far much simpler and unassuming. Yet who am I to know. I’m just a soul trapped in overthinking mind. No more I say. Until an old piano solo takes me back to 2009. When we were far too young, & she was far too perfect. The kind of girl you meet too young and realize you got a whole world to live. Never had an answer to love either. It’s always a mere glimpse of that one brief moment stuck deep in my memories. A “feeling” I often miss. Don’t the answers always seem just ‘this’ close? Like one tiny chain of reaction away and you are ‘Superman’ sitting on Cloud 9. A Superman who saves his world and the universe. Our hero. Our light. Our one and only hope. You, the reader. Are you happy now Superman? You saved the world, and the universe. You got the girl. Everyone loves you. Everyone looks up to you. Everyone wants to be you. Everyone worships you. Are you happy now, Superman? You have all the answers you can ever want and need. Are you happy now? Superman.