Bucket List

I’m constantly adding new things and updating my list. It’s short, doable, and realistic. If you have any ideas be sure to pass them on!

(No specific order)


– Skydive (obviously) —–check

– See the northern lights

-Cage dive with a Great White Shark (Gotta face my biggest fear)

-Write and Publish a book (in progress) 

-Go on Safari 

-Scuba Dive —–check

-Have a threesome —– ch never mind

-Get my motorcycle license 

-Adopt a dog or/and a cat (when I’m ready)

-Never have kids—– check (so far)

Act —- ( &Win an award for it.)  check

-Watch Man Utd @ Old Trafford —–check

-Keep getting awesome tattoos—– check

-Backpack through South, Central America, and Asia—— check twice

-Conquer myself and my life—- checking 





  1. Nevermine cansel And lets do yha to-do list together. I love you most çıte man in the world

  2. Having a threesome and never have kids hmmm I wonder what cansel thinks about these especially when she was saying she wants 5 of them 😂

  3. Seriously? there are so many inspiring things on that list and everyone is commenting on the threesome? What about ” make someone very happy (without spending any money for it)”
    I wonder how it would work 🙂

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