Buenos Aires

I honestly don’t even know where to begin. Do I start with the beauty of the city? The grand aged Argentine steaks? The women or the sun? First off I wanna mention that it is totally not what I expected. In a good way. I definitely didn’t think it would be this modern, this clean, this friendly and easy to get around. It reminds me a bit of Barcelona, but it’s much nicer. Except there is no beach. Let me put it this way, if there was a golden beach here, I’d move here in a heartbeat.

The first day here I took a stroll around town to find myself a steakhouse. That was numero uno on the list. Obviously I asked the hotel first and they directed me to a place a few blocks away. I went there, sat down, waited, waited and waited for service. Then I just got up and left. I then again went wandering around the streets looking for a place to just eat some fucking steak. I just wanted steak! Suddenly, a door opened and from the corner of my eye I saw a grill and raw meat on display. Bull’s-eye!

I sat down and without looking at the menu I asked Gonzalo (my waiter) about the biggest steak available. He showed me a 970g piece of art ready to be fired on the grill. I then ended up going for something a little more modest. 500g! Within minutes it was on my table, cooked rare just the way I like it. After the steak, Gonzalo and I had a nice chat and again I made a friend somewhere far far away. I’ve been here for 3 days now and I have been back to that restaurant 4 times. Ordering a different steak each time I go. The chef even knows me now. He is my steak consultant. Dad, I wish you were here. You would absolutely love it!

After my steak I went around and got lost in Buenos Aires a little. Which is something I love doing. Getting lost in a new city. I came across a tattoo parlor and decided I wanna walk in. Yeah, I’m getting a tattoo today. In Argentina. It’s gonna be a map of the world on my leg. And I’m gonna dot the countries and cities I’ve been. I’m thinking very hard about getting my nipple pierced. It’s something I’ve wanted for a while but never really got to do it. I don’t know if I really want it. But then I want it. Hmm..I don’t know. We shall see I guess.

Walking back to my hotel, I came across a language school. Immediately the thought of working and living here crossed my mind without any intentions. I went in to speak to a manager, but I ended up meeting a fellow teacher. She told me all about life here and how it all works. It’s an option. But not right now. At this point in time, I’m traveling. And settled in Istanbul. If and when I decide to leave Istanbul, maybe I will consider Buenos Aires along with other cities that I have not yet visited. I love my job. And I love the fact I can practically do it anywhere in the world.

The next morning I went to chill on the rooftop pool. That’s where I met Sarah. Some chick from Scotland who lives in London who just so happened to be traveling the world at the same time as me. After chatting for a bit I found out she will be in Sydney at the same time as me, AND in Bali around the same time as I plan to be. It’s too bad she had a boyfriend. I was gonna stalk her around the world.

Tomorrow I will take a boat to Uruguay and spend some time there. I hear Colonia is an old city near the water so it should be pretty amazing. It’s too bad American citizens need a visa for Brazil. I have a friend in Rio that I wanted to visit while im in this part of the world. Oh well, it will always be there I suppose. Next stop is back to Istanbul briefly before heading home to New York to spend some time with family and old friends. I feel I need to see them and get their energy. I don’t miss New York in the slightest bit and I don’t plan to be there for than 5 days or so. Then, Sydney it is. Haven’t been there since I moved away 5 years ago. Yeah, I lived in Australia. Long story, don’t ask. I’m going there to cage dive with a Great White Shark. It’s my biggest fear and I wanna face it!

Back to Buenos Aires though, it’s such a beautiful place. So clean, friendly, and one thing I can say about Latina women is they got a whole lotta ass. I realized here that Turkish girls have no ass what so ever. Shame. Cause we men tend to like asses. I’ve been eating steak ever since I got here. I swear I think I had half a cow by now. I plan to make it a full grown one by the time I leave.

This place, my travels, the people I meet have all gotten me to rethink about what I wanna do with my life. I’m in the process of trying to figure things out but I’m not stressing over it. Because right now I am doing what makes me happy the most and that is traveling. It will come to me when I am ready for it. But one thing is for sure, and it’s that nothing is holding me back anywhere at this point in time. I’m just going with the flow, enjoying the ride, and I’m thankful for every minute of it.


  1. You are DOING what you want to do with your life now!! Just continue the way you are!! Have you ever thought about writing a book??? 🙂

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