PARIS (The First One)

Now lets get something straight. Just because you have one of the best cuisines in the world and you have the Eiffel tower doesn’t give you the right to act like douche bags. I have travelled to many places in my day but never did i come across so many people in one place that are so rude, obnoxious, stuck up, and extremely arrogant. You’re more likely to win the New Jersey lottery than to get a smile out of these people.

My first meal was at a bistro a 100 meters away from the Eiffel tower. I was thinking to myself  “its France, what could go wrong?” i guess i stepped into the only bistro that serves (excuse my French) shitty food. Giving that i was in the “mecca” of the food world, my expectations were high. Needless to say that that meal brought me back down to earth.  I didn’t let it get to me though. I was very much looking forward to dinner time. Not to mention some fine French wine.


So after some recommendations from the hotel staff i walked to “Les Bres”. As a started i had the lobster and for the main course I went for the beef fillet. And of course some nice champagne to start off  and a fantastic red wine to go with the food. I was expecting some high class food giving that the started cost about 42€ and the main course just shy of 50€.

But what i got looked and tasted like something i would expect to get if i was sitting in a diner. It was absolutely awful. And i am so disappointed in not writing the positive review i hoped to write. Forget about the extravagant price of the dish, the taste was not even worth 1/4 of the price. If i am paying all this money, then all i ask in return is value for my money. Unfortunately i got neither value nor satisfaction out of my meals. I was so disappointed i even skipped dessert. (which is my favorite part) i walked down to a local crepe stand and had me a good old french crepe with chocolate and bananas. Yummm!!

Despite the negatives, there were some positives to the night. The champagne was great, the wine was out of this world and the view was like a dream. I didn’t let the food spoil the beautiful Paris night. It would be truly a beautiful city if it wasn’t for the French people.




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