Food Rehab

I have a theory.  If you are on your cheat day and you overdose on eating all the things you love but are not supposed to eat, you will get sick of it. When I am on my day off i just overdo it. I know one whopper would be more than enough, but noooo Mr. West goes for two double cheese whoppers + a chocolate sundae. And of course that shit just sits on my stomach and I don’t crave a whopper for a long time. Try it, it actually works. I enjoy the meal but the after effect just fucks it all up. Specially when your body is not used to so much junk and carbs. A few months back I sat down and killed an entire cheesecake. I haven’t touched a cheesecake since.

I remember when I was young I used to love ice cream. This is a true story i’m about to tell you, i swear you can’t make this shit up. I used to always nag my mom so she can give me money so i could go buy ice cream. I would ask for ice cream every hour. But she would always limit my ice cream consumption to 5 a day. But that never stopped me from always asking.

One summer afternoon she had enough and challenged me to a bet. The bet was that she was gonna bring me a gallon of my favorite ice cream, and if I could finish it all in one sitting she would never stand in the way of me eating ice cream again. But if I don’t finish the entire gallon then I could only have one ice cream a day. Bring it on!

I sat down, she brought the ice cream, gave me a spoon and sat down across the table. After a mere 20 minutes there was nothing left of that gallon. She couldn’t believe her eyes, I got up, looked at her and said “I don’t ever wanna eat ice cream again”.

Her plan worked. To this day we laugh about it. She said I didn’t ask for ice cream for the rest of the summer.

So I guess this comes from my childhood experience. Next time you wanna quit a craving, try overdosing on it. It worked and still works for me, and i’m sure it will work for you as well. 🙂


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