I see Fat Kids

Too many parents out there are doing the wrong thing. I’m talking about those parents who don’t encourage exercise, shove sugar and a shit load of junk food down their kids throat. Then you wonder why your overweight son is getting bullied at school.

I don’t blame the kid, I blame the parent, I blame advertisement, and most of all I blame the schools. They have the most power and along with having a good education, kids should also be encouraged to lead a healthy lifestyle from a young age. Physical Education should not consist of classes with 40+ students in a small ass gym with only 1 hour classes, two times a week. For example in my school it was mandatory to complete 50 hours of gym credits in an academic calendar. Lunch should contain more than deep fried chicken nuggets with fries or sloppy joes. But everyone is so caught up in saving every penny they neglect the very kids they nurture.  

I know kids love candy and the fast food chains. By no means am I suggesting that you cut those things from their life. But putting an adequate limit to their consumption of these things will not only build on a healthy foundation but also have a vital effect in their development mentally as young adults.

If you see your kid getting chubby, don’t ignore it. Stop it before it gets out of hand. If your kid is on the computer or the xbox more than 2,3 hours a day, get that kid out of the house and get them involved in an activity.

One more thing, making a simple,healthy hamburger doesn’t take long to make. Instead of going to McDonalds, make them a nice healthy burger at home. What i’m trying to say is there are ways of getting your kids interested in eating healthier and involved in more activities. If you can’t raise a healthy child, you shouldn’t even be making one in the first place you ignorant fuck.

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