Shameless Sugar

I say tax the shit out of sugar. Seriously! Put a 80% tax raise on all that soda and candy then we’ll see if your ass doesn’t think twice before putting it in your mouth again.

Just like what mayor Bloomberg is doing now. Like cigarettes and alcohol, sugar is unhealthy and in fact more addicting. It’s the leading cause for type II diabetes and heart problems.

I mean if marijuana is illegal because of reasons the government can’t even figure out then how can something so harmful and addicting be in almost every aspect of our daily lives. Now the soda companies are trying to get people used to drinking soda with less sugar. You got stuff like Coke Zero, Pepsi Next, Max, this, that. I mean it’s all good stuff, but if you really want people to lower their sugar intake and lead a healthier lifestyle you gotta dig deeper to the core of the problem.

Here is the thing. Try to get the amount of sugar your body needs through natural sources and not reach for artificial and processed stuff. Go for a piece of fruit instead of a candy bar. The amount of antioxidants in fruit are immense. Being healthy begins from within. I for one feel like shit when I eat shitty processed, unhealthy food. Once your body gets used to getting in the right foods and vitamins it’s tough for it to go back. So don’t worry, you wont be craving all that junk food forever.

I can’t force people to start eating healthy and training, but maybe i can give an idea to how much healthier and better life can be just by eating the right foods and implementing a little exercise into your life.


Try this all natural, healthy dessert recipe from West’s Kitchen.

-Whip some cream and mix it with passion fruit.

-Get some berries (blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries) and add in on top.

-Grate some fine dark chocolate and enjoy!

No artificial sweeteners, all healthy natural stuff. And it tastes absolutely delicious!



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