9 steps to Learn English



Are you Cola?



Okay here are the ONLY ways to learn English. This post is for my students and their fellow peers. This is classified information. Are you ready to learn English the right way? Pay attention! 

Step 1- Stop using your mother tongue!

Many people who try to learn a new language never really practice outside their “learning period”. Speaking anything but English after your lesson is stepping backwards. Make a friend who you can speak only English to.

Step 2- Stop wasting money on language schools!

Language schools are all business. They don’t care whether you actually learn or not as long as you pay and feel like you’re learning something. All they are about is money, money, money!

Step 3- Hire a private tutor!

Yes it’s expensive, but worth every penny. Providing you have the right teacher of course. 

Step 4- RSWL!

Read, Speak, Write, Listen! 

Step 5- Go abroad!

Go live somewhere that uses English as their official language.

Step 6- Get an English speaking girlfriend or boyfriend!

Yeah. They’ll teach ya’.

Step 7- Listen to songs and read their lyrics!

A great way to improve listening!

Step 8- Sing along!

Step 9- Make a REAL fucking effort.

Don’t pretend like you’re trying to learn and do it! 

Step 10- Fall asleep listening to Beethoven!

I’m just kidding don’t do that! That was what we call “a joke”.








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