On the way to – Thailand

How the fuck did I end up in Thailand? What an incredible series of events had to play out to lead me to this amazing place. And I am so glad it did! I thought I was headed to New York. That’s what I told my family, my friends, everyone. Up until 48 hours ago I seriously myself thought I was headed there! Until the snow storm that hit the Tri-State area. I got a call at 4 o’clock in the morning of my flight from my mom telling me hell is freezing over in New York and that the flight would probably be cancelled. I immediately said “Fuck that, I’m not coming”.

I couldn’t fall back asleep. I was mentally ready to leave Istanbul that day. I had to find a new destination. I stayed up and was sat on google earth. I kept spinning the globe to see where I should go. At one point I even considered randomly stopping it and go where the pin landed! The night before while I was packing my bags, I got a random call from my agency telling me that I had a photo shoot for a catalog and an audition for a movie in the afternoon. I was like “WHAT THE FUCK”! Seriously? You tell me the night before the morning I leave halfway around the world? Fuck that, I wasn’t gonna cancel. I told him no.

When it was decided that I wouldn’t go, I texted him immediately. I thought hey, maybe this is a sign!? I didn’t go to the photo shoot because the shooting was next week and I didn’t know if i’d be here by then. I went to the audition for the film. No script given, no proper prep time, no information, NOTHING! I went in blind. They gave me a script right then and there, then told me to act it out, sad, happy and confused. Of course i banged it out and it was awesome. Just as always. But just as always I probably will never hear back. Whatever at least I know I did my shit. Fuck em’!

I went to see my fellow teacher buddies in school. We had some coffee and discussed where I should go. Marie gave me the idea for Thailand. Boy, am I glad I listened. I was on a flight to Bangkok that same night!

OH MY GOD! Just writing about this sounds completely fucking nuts!! Wow! Wait until I tell you what happens next…

So i’m at the airport with only my backpack and computer bag, nothing else. I’m a stand by passenger so that means if the flight is full, I ain’t going nowhere! Check this out; Everyone boarded the plane and the guy went to check inside if there were any empty seats left. He found ONE seat! I was on my way inside. While he was on his way out, the fucker spots another seat! They end up taking the couple sitting across me waiting! WHAT THE FUCK! I’m stuck in Istanbul.

I’m making my way out of the airport and I checked the flight board. You know, the one that has all the departure times. I was checking when the next Turkish Airline flight was and where it was headed! I know, BELIEVE ME, I’D HATE ME TOO! Too bad all the destinations were to countries like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Moldova etc. Shitty places I want nothing to do with. Check this, out of the entire board the only two flights that were cancelled were New York, and Amsterdam. Fucking AMSTERDAM!

I was just like, fuck it I’ll try tomorrow. Going through the shitty process of getting out of the airport, I spotted a Norwegian girl who was in absolute desperate need of help. She’s missed her flight to Cape Town and the next flight was tomorrow. I tried to help her with translating and guiding her out. Turns out they airlines wasn’t offering her free hotel and the airport hotel was a whopping $200 a night. With all the good intentions in my heart, I offered her to come stay with me and my grandma. I told her I’d get her back to the airport tomorrow and show her Istanbul during the day. She took the offer. Bravely. Who goes home with a random guy they just met at an airport of a city they’ve never been to? Seriously!

We went back, had some food, watched a movie and fell asleep. Just sleep. (wink wink) In the morning, I showed her Hagia Sofia and the Blue mosque. Took a walk in the Grand Bazaar, and had some cheesecake. It was the perfect romantic day. A “One night in Istanbul” for her. It’s something that you only see written in movie scripts. Something you always wish would happen but never really does, ever! I feel we were both lucky to have experienced something like that. I should start doing this more often. Pick up stranded chicks at the airport. “Excuse me miss, you look lost”.

The next day we both went to the airport. I made the flight earlier than hers and we said goodbye. That was it. It was perfect. Nothing can ever ruin it. It’s amazing how you are next to a person one minute, and all of a sudden you’re halfway around the world. Now i’m just glad i’m in Phuket. It’s amazing here. To think, I’m laying on the beach when I was THIS close to be in the freezing cold winter of New York. THANK YOU!


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