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Just another day of me flirting with the “write” button on the corner of my screen. Many people have many different talents. Some of them play an instrument. Some of them paint. It’s a second nature way to channel their thoughts & emotions through the art they create. Unfortunately, I was never born with the talent of playing an instrument. I picked up a guitar when I was 16. That lasted two weeks before I figured out an easier way to attract girls. Who am I kidding!? I was a shy little virgin back then. Even though I was shy with the opposite sex, I always had a way with words. My talent wasn’t playing music or painting. It was words & writing.

I started this blog in the spirit of writing wherever my free mind takes me. Whichever way the words may flow, you can always hit a note in someone with the right sentences. That’s why writing is so powerful. Speaking usually results in information coming in one ear and out the other. Statistically, people don’t even listen to what’s being said to them. They think of how and what they’re going to respond as you’re talking. I don’t get that disrespect here. My words will remain here for you to read over and over again if you don’t understand what it is I’m trying to say. I don’t even need a response. I just say what I have to say, then I’m out.

You get me? That’s great! You don’t? That’s fine too. I’m very fortunate to have a very unique following. The people that got to know me over the years have come to one conclusion or the other. It’s very simple. Either they love me, or they hate me. There is no in between. You either get it, or you don’t. If you get it, then you are “Helljaguar”. If you don’t, well I suggest you write a letter to God and ask him to give you half a brain.

This is a free flow piece. Free flow in the sense that I didn’t know where I was heading when I began this piece. Perhaps I still don’t. Yet as always, it comes down to the final sentences and saying what I really wanted to say in the beginning. Fellow Helljaguar, please keep looking for hope in meaningless blog posts. Keep searching for the thing you’re looking for in this life. Don’t give up. You’re almost there. You will very soon wake up and realize there is no silver lining. No one is coming to save you. Not Jesus, not Mohammed, not Moses, not me, nobody. We are all alone in this world, Helljaguar. Remember that.

One more thing Helljaguar. Remember that life is not a fairytale. It will tear your heart & soul out. Just remember that makes you stronger. You may have a deep disappointments inside regarding people in your life or your family even. You may have thought the world was going to give you everything you deserve because you are at the end of the day a “good person”. No, Helljaguar. There is no justice in nature. You’re either fast & strong enough to run and catch the gazelle or the gazelle outruns you and you’re left hungry. You are here for a reason. You are here to be the Jaguar that goes through Hell. That is why you are what you are. That is why your name is “Helljaguar”. A wise man once said, “We are not only put on this earth to live good times. We are put in this world to experience the bad. For those are the times that make our souls grow and expand.” Helljaguar, hang in there. Life will not be perfect. It may not go as you planned. It may bring you to your knees, but you must always get back up and try just that “one last time”. Because the world needs you. Now more than ever, the world needs more “Helljaguars”.