Dear Santa…

Dear Santa…

I would like to go through my list once again just to make sure you don’t miss anything Santa.

Knife set, an Oven, a BMW z3, and most importantly.. a dishwasher. Okay Santa?


If you fail to bring me these things.. I am going to turn your precious Reindeers into this…









And here is how i’m gonna do it!


Hot pan, olive oil.

Season the Reindeer meat with pepper, no salt (not yet)

Put the Reindeer meat on the pan for 1 minute each side.

Then take it off the pan and right into the oven (170 degrees for 5 minutes)

Take it out and leave it to rest for 5-10 minutes. Then slice 1 inch pieces and enjoy.


Merry Christmas to you Santa,


Francesc West


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