Fast-Food Heaven

From 99 cent burgers to 25 cent deep fried wings it’s not so hard to figure out why the United States is in fact the fattest country in the world. I am just a short brisk walk away from a fast food chain at any given time in New York. East, West, North, South doesn’t matter. Just start walking and you’re bound to hit Mickey D’s, or the deep fried chicken joint by colonel Sanders.

It certainly seems like the numbers of fast food chains are going up rather than being on a decline. I remember when I was here last year, and the years before that, and every new year I see a new place opened just for the convenience of having a quick meal that could cause serious health problems let alone counting calories. 

But do people care? No. They’re just happy that America is such a blessed country with a load of shitty, unhealthy, cheap fast-food chains with a shitty health care system. The average American consumes about 3 hamburgers and four orders of french fries every week. That’s 90 grams of fat and 2,520 calories. Welcome to fast food nation.

Americans know, well, most Americans know that fast food isn’t exactly good for them. But old habits die hard. The fact is consumption of high-fat fast food is increasing immensely. Because America runs on Fast-food. Let’s start the day with some nice fresh Donuts and cream cheese filled bagels and end it with some deep fried chicken and mash potatoes. This is very common here. But most of them live on a tight budget and don’t have the “time” to eat a proper meal or prepare a meal for themselves. So a quick 5 buck lunch is ideal. Fucking excuses!

Kids are 20% overweight and every year they are getting fatter and the fatter they get the more they get picked on. The more they get picked on the more it messes them up physiologically. This leads to rise in drop outs, depression, and crime. The lack of activity and the fast food is the number one reason for this yet no one can stop it.

Maybe we are in too deep, maybe there is no going back for America. Maybe you can’t change a nation but you damn well can change yourself. Please cut the fast food.  And please find your way to the gym. Start cooking with a few healthy ingredients at home. I’m not telling you to go spend hours in the gym or cooking. It takes less than 30 minutes to prepare a meal that will last you the entire day and 30 minutes for an awesome workout.

There are a 168 hours in a week. Are you seriously suggesting you can’t take 5 hours off your week to make these small changes that may change your life?


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  1. helo esory ,this is real and the of the matter is we do not even tray correct our habits .that is even worse .pls take the first step to be healthy and fit. bill cakmakci

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