Colonia de Uruguay

I crossed Rio de la Plata, which is the river that separates Buenos Aires and Uruguay. It’s only an hour boat ride away and I must say relatively expensive, but a worth trip to make. Docking in Colonia which is a very historic-old town in its right, I felt as if time had just gone back 200 years. The streets, houses, cars, the beauty. It’s a different place. A world apart. As always, the first thing I look for in a new city is food. So I was looking for a place where I can eat some traditional Uruguayan food. But I know a tourist trap when I see one. I was patient and kept on walking. Thats when I got lost, and found a truck food stand. Bingo!

I went in there and ordered what the guy in front of me ordered. A Uruguayan burger with character. Sitting right across from me were three construction workers that were having other things on the menu that I couldn’t take my eyes off of. I went and asked him about the glorious Hot Dog he was having before my eyes. We chatted a bit before he offered me a cigarette and a seat. And that’s is how I met Jorge,Romaro, andJoaquim. Three of the most awesome people with pure, genuine hearts. After I told them I was alone and in Uruguay for a day, they offered to show me around and hang with them for the duration of my stay. We hopped on their pick up truck and headed out of Colonia.



On the ride to their town, which was about 100 km away, I got to see the beautiful countryside of Uruguay. I couldn’t help thinking, Francis you don’t know these guys. And they are driving you out 50 miles away through the middle of nowhere. What am I getting myself into? But then again, I would never have done it had I not trusted my first instincts and felt their energy and vibe. I feel im good at feeling people out and tell if they do in fact have the purest of intentions. Of course sometimes you can be wrong and fooled, but hey, if you never give people a chance you never know. We talked using Google translate the entire time. Lost in translation, their English was just as bad as my Spanish. But somehow we connected.

After making some construction errands we went to the beach by the river. I must say I did a lot for a day and a half in Uruguay. It was perfectly enough and amazing. On the way to the beach they showed me a night club in the middle of nowhere on a country road and said that’s where we are going tonight to dance with the mamacitas. On the way back home from the beach the plan was to go out to dinner and the club after shower. But I went to near by pizzeria (which sucked) and sat out in the night. I didn’t wanna sit home while 5 guys take turns showering. A pen in my hand, journal open and deep in my thoughts on a beautiful night in Uruguay, it came to me. All of a sudden it appeared and I decided what my first book is going to be about. I’m not gonna tell you what it is about. You will eventually know when it all comes together. I will serialize¬†the chapters in my blog. One chapter a week. I will write it as I travel through this world. But this first book will not be about my travels. That I can tell you. Maybe the next one. After showers and dinner we headed out to the night club. Or so I thought..

Jorge, Michael, Ramiro, Joaquim

Jorge, Michael, Ramiro, Joaquim

We stopped midway at a gated house alit with red neon lights. It didn’t take too long before I figured out that we were in fact in a whore house. They had brought me there with the best intentions of showing me a good time. Thats where I met Rosalina. Rosalina was a Uruguayan hooker with a smoking hot body with an ass of a goddess. Turns out she speaks a little English so we got to chatting for bit.. She was 25 and has a 5-year-old daughter. She was doing this because it payed very well. Everything is for my daughter she said. She was the perfect combination of sweet and sexy. And though every cell in my body wanted to go further than talking, I resisted the temptation. “I never pay for sex” I said. “Neither do I” she said, with a laugh. We talked standing up for like 10 minutes. I didn’t know whether she was still trying to sell me or genuinely enjoying the conversation. It wasnt until she offered one on the house that I figured, okay she probably likes me. And again, though that was the most tempting of offers, I still said no. Because you never know, you know! Besides I wasnt about to sleep with a hooker. I have more respect towards women than that. Even though she may not respect herself.20150116_195815_resized

We walked into the night club at about 2 AM. I had been up since 6 in the morning. After chilling for 30 mins, I told Jorge to give me the keys to the truck so I could get some sleep. I slept while they partied. We went back home at 6:30 am. After sleeping for a couple of hours Jorge drove me back to Colonia for the afternoon boat going back to Buenos Aires. Again, I went to a place I’ve never been and made a family of friends. I love meeting new people, but beyond that I end up making bonds that last a lifetime. I now have family of friends to visit in the Maldives and Uruguay. In Argentina most people ive met are people who are traveling through the country. Some headed to the same places I am, with our paths likely to cross again at some point in the future. People I probably will end up visiting in the future. As long as I travel, I will write. These words are the trails of my travels. These words will never be erased, and they will be here long after im gone.

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