Quito-New York

Counting my goodbyes, I boarded my flight from Quito, Ecuador heading to New York via Atlanta. I’m feeling a bit meloncholy. There are way too many people I will miss. Though I know I will see them again someday. Now im writing this 30,000 feet up in the air, somewhere between North and South America. I look out my window into the horizon only to see the new day shedding light upon our beautiful world. The stars above are slowly starting to disappear. As I look above I can’t help wonder about the other worlds that give life in our limitless universe. Although I may not see them, I feel them. They are out there somewhere. Who knows, maybe once my time is up in this world, I will move on to the next. I’m a traveler of time and space. I wouldn’t mind going from one soul to the next, one world to another, see, feel, and be different things.


If theres one gift a frequent flyer can appreciate is when the seats next to him are free. As was the case for me when I boarded my 5 hour flight. I had the whole row to myself. Immediately i set up my bed, claiming every bit of space as my own. Now I was looking forward to take off. All of a sudden this hot flight attendand passes by me and notices my bed. She goes “Sir you can’t make your own bed here!” To my immediate “Why the hell not?” she goes, “I’m just messing with you”. Turns out she’s quite the joker. She got me good! As she made her way down the plane with a cheeky smile all I could think was “Oh no she didnt!” She left me in wonder, surprise and to some extent in love with her wittyness.


I vowed to get her back. I didn’t know how, or when. I just knew before we land that I have to get her back. She don’t know who she just messed with! So i fell asleep right after take off in my beautifully made bed of three economy class seats. Waking up a couple of hours later, I saw her making her way down the dark alley of the first class. All alone and totally unexpecting of any potential unusual situation that may arise. There was my moment. The only chance I had if I ever wanted to get her back for that smartass comment about how I can’t have a bed. Life is about the moments that you catch. There is only one chance, one oppurtunity sometimes to do the things you only think about doing. Most of us just let those moments pass us by, only wishing we had the courage to do something or actually do what we think and talk about doing. I got up and followed her.


I had an evil plan. I knew what I was gonna do, what I was gonna say and how I was gonna say it. All was set and stone in my mind. As I made my way down to her, I saw her taking out some cups for the next service. Totally and utterly unexpectant. Suddenly I grabbed on to her arm in a tight manner, leaned over to her ear and said “Listen to me carefully, this is very important. My epilepsy is about to kick in and i may well have a seizure within the next minute. When that happens you have to make sure I don’t choke on my own tongue or drown in my saliva. (I’m shivering, shaking and my tone of voice is of a worried man who is having hard time speaking) My medication is checked in with the bags. “Oh my God, okay, what do you want me to do”? “What am I supposed to do?” “I’m gonna call for help!”. After feeling like mission accomplished, I just said “I’m just messing with ya'”. She fell into my arms in relief. Her reaction was priceless. I introduced myself and got to know Victoria. You don’t mess with the messer. You can’t bullshit a bullshitter. I will get you back and get you back good! Too bad she lived in Atlanta, or I would totally ask you out, I said.


Now it’s a new day. I watched the previous day end with goodbyes. I’ll start this one with a bunch of long awaited hugs and kisses. Incredible. That’s all I have to say about being 30,000 feet up in the air on something called an “airplane” that takes me from one point of the world to another at a lightning speed. Watching the sun come up to yet another new day under the stars that fall away. Writing about my experience is just as incredible as living it. I wonder how it makes you feel when you read all the things I write and run the storyline in your minds. If you hate my guts I’d totally understand. So would I.


Just always remember one thing. Don’t ever look in someone elses plate to see if they have more than you. Specially if your plate is already full. The only time you’re allowed to look in someone elses plate is to check if they need anything more. Some people don’t realize how much they have on their plate because their eyes are always on someone elses. For that reason they will never be full. Because instead of eating what they have, they cry about not having enough. Have a blessed and a wonderful day. I know I will. 




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