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“Take care of yourself.” What does that mean? When we tell someone to take care of themselves, do we ever once ask the question; Am I taking care of myself?
Well. Are you?

Are you being the best possible human you can be? It’s not something easy to accomplish. It’s not in everyone either. It takes awake consciousness, awareness, energy, commitment, and some balls. You know how they say we can only use %10 of our brains? Well not everybody uses the entire %10. Some people use %6 some people maybe as far as 8%. This is not taking into account that more than %90 of people in todays world don’t even use %3 of their brain. But there is that special %10. That’s understanding what i’m saying right now. I’ve met people who use less than %1. But what percentage of your %10 capacity are you using?

You can never answer that question to be honest. Cause a DUMBASS ain’t gonna know he’s a DUMBASS. A DUMBASS, is a person who thinks they are smarter than you. A DUMBASS, can’t play the DUMBASS. Only a smart person can play a DUMBASS. The way I see it, you have two choices in life; you can either be a DUMBASS and stay a DUMBASS. Which by the way brings IGNORANCE. In return that would bring “Happiness”. OR!! You can be the best YOU, you can possibly be.

I can’t tell you how to be the best you. Because at the end of the day, everyone knows best. But I can tell you that (and this may sound corny af BUT)… What guides us is our hearts. Hearts filled with either love, or hate. You can spend your whole life hating the way things are, hating other people. And your life will pass you by. In a heartbeat.

But if that heart is filled with LOVE. LOVE for a GOD. LOVE for FAMILY. LOVE for FRIENDS. LOVE for PASSION. LOVE for waking up each day feeling blessed that you are HEALTHY. Knowing the true values in life is called WISDOM. For life itself as you know it may end any un-given day. What i’m trying to say is; Follow the love in your heart, and let it guide you. There is a form of darkness in everyones heart. But the love within will always win, if you are BLESSED enough to find it. And if you are; good for you. Don’t fuck it up by doing bad. If you are, put it back on track. Because it’s never too late, to start counting BLESSINGS being GRATEFUL.




  1. Eser. The first time I saw you on TV, it was dejavu. Your vibe was so diff. I was like what’s this dude doing on this shit reality show. When I heard you were a Coldplay fan, I was like naaaaaaaa!!!!! I was born and raised in London, I am also a big Pink Floyd and Coldplay fan. You are a Man U fan. It’s insane. I also have two blogs. one poetry blog and one online diary. Whenever I watch you, I see a reflection of my soul. The love and talent you have for writing, your humour, your realness and how you don’t care about fame or money. We share the same emotions, it’s like you’re my long lost soul mate. Bless you. I hope I meet someone like you on the other side of the world.

    1. Bless you too. If that’s the way you feel, then I have a feeling you will be successful in whatever dream you decide to chase. No matter how big or impossible it may be. If you ever watch me again somewhere someday please write me again. Then maybe I can share the recipe with you. But until then, I have to prove that it works. Not to anyone but myself. Thank you for reaching out. I wish you and your loved ones a happy, healthy life. God bless.

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