Reasons why you should LIVE in SWEDEN! After one of the most bright and beautiful summer seasons i’ve ever seen, the legends and tales of the infamous Swedish winter were viably coming to life. The long, cold, hard winter of Sweden got me down on my knees, begging the good lord for the briefest moment of sunlight. In a world where the sun renounces itself, darkness becomes a companion. Despite all evidence, Sweden, even in it’s coldest, darkest hour shines brighter and ignites hotter than any other destination on the atlas. So why is Sweden so hot, you ask!?

Läs vidare, fitta! Zlatan_Ibrahimović_Euro_2012_vs_England


Besides the marvelous architecture and the historic landmarks Stockholm has to offer, there is a health and fitness center in every corner of the city. From the lavishes of Stureplan, to the junks of Ragsved, finding a well clean, equipped gym at the heartlands of the country is no hassle. Because to be honest, there isn’t shit else to do in the winter but hit the gym. Hence why the Swedes are generally quite fit. During my time in Sweden working as a Personal Trainer, I saw and experienced first hand the scale of dedication, motivation and commitment towards fitness and bodybuilding set by my champion colleagues. A raw passion that sets the tone for the rest of the gym community. Stockholm also host to some of the hottest gym members i’ve ever had the pleasure of training. So if you do ever stop by the city center, take a class with Platini or book a PT session with Henrik, Joseph Tekie, Abbe or Alex Shirpey. Whatever your goal is, these STRONGASLIFE champions will get you there. And If you’re a foreigner trying to make friends, there is no better place to be than the gym.


Besides giving the world Ikea, ABBA and Zlatan, Sweden offers it’s citizens the right to free health care and countless other social benefits that even the most civilized of western nations haven’t managed to establish. Despite the high number of taxes and cost of living, the average Swede working in McDonald’s makes more than half the college graduates living in the United States and can well off survive on the countries set minimum wage. Yes, there’s certainly a thing or two we can learn from the setup of this meatball loving nation.Sweden_flag

Finally, Swedish Girls! Let me put it this way, if a girl is an 8 anywhere else in the world, she would automatically drop to a 6 once she enters the Swedish borders. Same thing goes for the guys. I’m no homo but there’s some good looking motherf**kers there. The only chance I stood of beating a Swedish guy to a girl was my advantage of being the exotic American boy, who spoke English and was tall, dark and handsome with an amazing body. Swedish chicks love American guys. I don’t know what it is, and I don’t wanna know. But if you can’t get a girl in Sweden, chances are you wont have much luck elsewhere. Other than maybe the Red Light District.