Bali, Gili & Harry

Somewhere far far away, there is a place surrounded with all the wonder and beauty mother nature has to offer. In that tiny place, are the stories of little people with big hearts and dreams. This is my journey, to an island called Gili Air.

Bali, (much bigger than I thought) has some of the most beautiful landscapes i’ve ever seen in all my years of traveling. I went up to a village in the mountains. Thats where I met Luwak. For those who are in doubt of Luwak, he’s the animal that eats coffee beans and shits them out only for people to harvest that shit and make a uniquely aromatic coffee called “Kopiluwak” out of it. Unorthodox at first, but once you sip the coffee you cant but help not wanting another sip. Thus is the idea of an ancient mindset. How you could even turn literally shit, into a great tasting coffee.

After seeing some Rice patties in Ubud and riding a motorcycle through deep into the mountains, I came down and headed to a small island that has no earthly significance on a world map. An island with a population of exactly 1326 people. Surrounded by nothing but the Indian ocean and chains of other islands. There I was in Gili Air.
In all my travels ive seen nothing like it. A place that took a special place in my heart from day one. Through its wondrous beauty and the wonderful heart that i met along the way. One of those hearts is a guy called “Harry”.

Harry is a 39 year old guy who works for a small shop here in Gili. He receives no salary. He, just like many others works only for food. The establishment provides them with 3 meals a day and without having much of a say anyway, they are happy with that arrangement. Harry and I found a bond of friendship through the similar ideas and outlook on life. Even though we come from two different worlds. He told me about his dreams, and hopes. How he wanted to open up a coffee shop someday. How he wanted to start small and work his way up. How he wanted to help people.

After talking to Harry more about how he can make this dream a reality, I truly got to know once again how different our lives and worlds really are. How a weeks paycheck for me, is a fortune that would change his life for him. We talked about how much it would cost to open up. He told me the place wants $800 for rent. I thought “wow thats not bad”. Before he even mentioned that it was a 3 year lease, $800 a YEAR. Thats when I realized the opportunity to help change someones life.

His dream became my dream. I promised harry that I would one day try to make his dream a reality. I told him as soon as I make some money I would send it to him so he can open up his dream coffee shop. He was speechless. Saying how he will forever be in debt and would pay me back. I dont want anything back from you, I said. All I want is your friendship, a place to stay when I come to Gili, and fresh coffee to drink.

If I can help Harry, I would have helped change his life and the life of his buddies. For something like $3000 dollars thats absolutely priceless. That amount will not kill me but it would save someone else. Now im on my path to achieve MY dream. A dream that would help people on a bigger scale. A dream no one else can see but me…

“If you wait to help everyone when you have everything, you’ll end up helping nobody”. We don’t necessarily have to help with money, sometimes its with a hand. If we all reached out our hands to help each other up instead of keep on wanting more than we need, the world would be a better place.


This now is my new goal. As soon as I have some extra money I will send it to Harry. I can do without a few useless material things to help change a life. I want to show people what we can all do to change lives. Love is contagious.