So, you wanna lose some weight? There are no shortcuts or easy ways. Follow this diet religiously & watch the fat melt!


Breakfast Options

– 3 egg whites (1 yolk) + 1/2 cup Oatmeal

– Turkey/ Roast Beef/ Ham on Whole Grain bread.

-1/2 cup Light (sugar free) yogurt or Cottage cheese, with fresh fruits and/or nuts

+ 1/2 Liter of Water

2 or 3 Hours Later 

– 1 Carrot

-Protein Shake (20g)

-Handful of nuts

+ 1/2 Liter of Water

Lunch Options 

-Lean Meat/Fish/Poultry + Steamed or Grilled Vegetables or Salad.

Optional Carbs- Bulgur, Sweet Potatoes, Quinoa

+ 1/2 Liter of Water


2 or 3 Hours Later apple-man-fitness-diet

– 1 fruit

-Protein shake

-Green Tea

+ 1/2 Liter of Water



Same as Lunch

– No Carbs

+ 1/2 Liter of Water


Recommended Supplements

– Omega-3 Fish Oil

-Vitamin D


-Vitamin B


Cheat Days

Choose one or two days a week. depending on how strict you wanna be.


While you’re at it, check out these blogs that give more information and tips on supplements, boosting your metabolism, workouts, vitamins, foods, detox, basically everything you need to know.











  1. Sen programda reçelleri fıstık ezmelerini götür bizede diet programı yaz müstehakmıdır 😝😝😝

  2. Canım eserikom sen sen ol her zaman ki biz senin arkandayız 💘 Gülen yüzün temizkalbin yüzündeki sempatiklik hiç bitmesin love u eser Ve seni her zaman destekleyen HELEN!

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