Keep it Real

Think of your favorite food in the whole wide world. Think of the scent you got as a kid coming home from school and your mom baking fresh cookies. Now go back to the days where you would gather together with your family and have a fantastic dinner every night. As my memory serves, those were the best times of my childhood. But as life goes, some things are just not meant to last.

Whether you are living three miles or three thousand miles away from home, the taste of homemade food will always linger in your memory. With a full time job, school, kids, and socializing we seem to never find the time to cook a good homemade meal anymore. Let alone working out.  

I promise you can bring your favorite meals to life without having to spend a fortune and without relying on that restaurant you always seem to “check in” to on facebook. You can make the same dish you order at that restaurant right in your own kitchen at it’s very best and healthiest. And the beauty about it is that you are in complete control of what goes in your food. Family and friends will always appreciate a homemade meal that tastes superb.

Specially if you are on some sort of diet, like myself. Having my days off from the diet, I want to make sure I make the absolute most of it. I don’t just go to Burger King or a restaurant i’ve been to a thousand times. Filling my body up with junk after a hard week of awesome workouts is not exactly what I need. I try new dishes, and I make them fresh from scratch in the comfort of my own home.

It takes way less time to cook a delicious, healthy, homemade Chicken Curry than to go to the restaurant, sit, order, wait, wait some more, eat, (over)pay and head back home. Try it out for yourself. It’s all the more fun. Especially if you have your girlfriend or boyfriend as your cooking partner. Get them involved. The idea of going out to eat on a date bores the living hell out of me. Personally I prefer a nights of “cookalongs” over going out. After all, there’s no place like home.


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