Top 10 things you shouldn’t do while cooking…

#10.Never cook with table salt.

(Use sea salt instead)

#9. Don’t mix the herbs with your olive oil.

(That’s such a Martha Stewart move)

#8. Do not multi task.

(Unless you’re a woman)

#7. Leave the water in the sink running for no apparent reason.

(I get furious when I see this happen)

#6. Argue with your partner.

(Wait until after they’ve done the dishes)

#5. Substitute Coriander with Parsley.

(Don’t ask why! Just don’t do it)

#4. Smoke while cooking.

(Nobody wants a nicotine coated meatloaf)

#3. Never apologize for your food.

(If you don’t like it then you can …)

#2. Don’t cook for someone you don’t like.

(Go to Coop and get a whole chicken instead)

       #1: Don’t allow vegetarians in your kitchen.

(Preferably your home)


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