It’s all about Business

Now let me just say this about airline food, it sucks. I’ve rarely come across a dish that actually enjoyed. Until I flew business class with Turkish Airlines. There is a kitchen, with a Chef and his special menu. On the menu there were 2 starters, 3 main courses, and a buffet full of delicious desserts. Also a various selection of Wines from France, Italy, Spain and of course Turkey.

Creamy Broccoli soup was the “special” and special it was. I’m not too big on soups but this, was one of the best soups i’ve ever had. As an entrée I requested the lamb with Mediterranean vegetables. Now this lamb certainly topped the list of any airline food i’ve ever eaten. That dish could be served in any half decent restaurant. But i’m a big boy with a big appetite. So I ordered the Salmon. It was the best and freshest fish i’ve ever had in flight. And the Chef presents each meal and brings it out personally. So you’re really treated like royalty. Then came the cart filled with buffet of desserts. All you can eat! Anything you want! From fresh Baklava, ice cream, crepes, fresh exotic fruit, to chocolate mousse. If you ever fly with Turkish Airlines you better make sure you are off your diet.

Unfortunately I did not make it for breakfast as I was knocked out cold. But i’m sure it must have been just as special as dinner time. I’ve flown business with other leading airlines before and nothing, and I mean Nothing comes close to flying with Turkish Airlines. A magnificent flight with fantastic meals and wines. Turkish Airlines should pay me for this!


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