5 exercises you should ALWAYS do

5 Exercises you should ALWAYS do!

The exercises listed below are absolutely imperative on so many different levels. Whether your goal is weight loss, muscle gain, rehabilitation, heart health, or sexual euphoria, these five, fast and furious strength building, fat crushing, libido boosting movements will reboot your system and save you a fortune when it comes to visits to the doctor. Executed routinely and properly, you can look forward to discovering grand changes in your body and health!

So what are these stunning exercises?

1- Kettle bell Swings


This badass exercise operates by working the entire major muscle groups in the body, including the heart. Executed timely and properly, you can look forward to burning up to 35 calories per minute! Let me repeat that. 35 CALORIES PER MINUTE! Compare that to the 100 calories you burn doing 10 minutes on the boring treadmill.

Firing up your legs, back, abs, shoulders, arms and overall conditioning, the kettle bell Swings are no walk in the park. Use proper weight, and keep 30 second bursts until you condition yourself and build up to 1 minute.