8c0f4d7dd028588bd3c1766bf84fe5e8Are bodybuilders athletes? 

Ask me that to my face. I dare you! I’d like to see you benching a 150 kilos, or leg pressing a ton and waking up every morning downing nothing but egg whites and protein shakes. I’d like to see you not consume a single spoon of sugar for 3 months and still have the hostility to battle the weights day in and day out! I’d like to see you try to attempt to get to a certain body fat percentage in a certain amount of time.That my friend, is what we amongst our elite group of builders call, Beast Mode. The most prodigious kind of athletes there is, if you ask me! So before you ask if bodybuilders are athletes, you should look in the mirror and ask;

WTF have you ever achieved!? Enough Said!

Is Cross Fit good for me?

Yes. Anything that gets your lazy ass up and working out is good for you. But careful when doing some moves, as you may injure yourself. Make sure your class sizes are small so that the Personal Trainer instructing can attend to and correct every member of the group when improper form is in order. Assuming your trainer knows what the hell he or she is doing!

Do I need Fish Oil?

Omega 3 and side effects

Omega 3 

Do you eat fish at least 3 times per week? Good, you still need fish oil. Let me tell you something, there isn’t a single person out there that wont benefit from an Omega -3 supplement. Supports the joints, the brain, our immune system and a heap of other things. So yeah, try to get your hands on some quality fish oil. Careful though, many impostors out there, selling nothing but chemicals and boot leg ingredients. So do your research, or read my previous posts on the matter to gain more knowledge and acquire some suggestions along the way.

I wanna do Cardio, but I don’t wanna lose my gains!?

Neither do I. Go for HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). Do it 20-30 mins max! After the 30th minute, the body tends to feed off from it’s last source of macronutrients, the protein. Which leads to a drop in muscle mass. It also skips the boring hour of treadmill. After your cardio, down a protein shake immediately. I recommend getting some pre and during cardio BCAA’s to help replenish the muscles as fast as possible. Keep the cardio at 2,3 times a week. Lift heavy on other days. Don’t skip leg day. Do that and you’re golden!