Transformation Mojo

Recently I’ve been getting lots of questions regarding what I did to get to the shape i’m in. In this post I want to briefly talk about what i went through and my experiences during this transformation. 

Let me just start by letting you know that this did not happen overnight. It took me months of hard work in the gym and a hardcore diet to get to where I am now. But the best part of it is, anyone can do it. You just need some dedication, effort and a shit load of egg whites. That was a joke! It takes more than just egg whites.

For those of you who have never trained before, start training. It’s been about 18 months since the first time I started lifting heavy weights. But for the last 3 months I have been on a very strict diet as well as some supplements (Not fucking steroids) to help me achieve my goal. I ate and trained the right way. If you eat the right way and give it a 110% on every workout I can guarantee your hard work will pay off sooner rather than later.

My training was tough, but it was even tougher with a zero carb diet. Cutting carbs and sugar out of my life completely was very challenging physically and mentally. And imagine this is me we are talking about, the guy who loves food! If I can do this, then everyone should be able to do it. Oh and of course no alcohol whatsoever. (That includes Wine people). Rarely would I cheat or would take a day off my training. My “rest” day was doing abs or cardio. And whenever I cheated, I made sure there was a blueberry pie involved.

Now for those of you who are serious about shaping your body and wanna challenge yourself, I would be more than happy to help. I’ll give you my diet and recommend some awesome supplements to take you to the next level. Like I said, all you need is dedication, effort and keep that promise you made to yourself and you’ll be fine.


  1. helo esory ,I saw the pictuers ,they are fantastic . I start the exercises you recomanded .keep the good work .loves . nebil cakmakci

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