The Kitchen

In the land where the sun shines endlessly, where the Mediterranean is as close as it could be, and where the women of this land are as beautiful as the stones rolling in the river i’m stuck in a 120 degree kitchen. And i’m loving it!

The past 2 weeks of getting the kitchen up and running have been one of the toughest tasks i’ve ever had to deal with. When we first opened the doors to the kitchen we were reduced to disgust as we found the food from last year was left to rot in the fridge and other things that i’d rather not mention. There was a shit load of work and cleaning to do.

After much hard work and many hours spent reviving the kitchen we finally started cooking and tasting the dishes on the St. Tropez menu. I will talk more about the menu once we have it all covered. But boy did it look delicious. Right now I feel like a sponge. Learning from everything and everyone. We have a great pastry chef, whom thanks to her my diet has gone right out the window. A Pizza master and a fantastic salad man.

I’ve been trying to learn as fast as I can and getting used to the environment but i’ll tell you it is nothing like cooking in your own kitchen.



  1. helo esooory .Every person born into this world their work is born with them. Do the hard jobs first. The easy jobs will take care of themselves. love you .baban

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