N whY C!

Have you ever been to New York? Because if you haven’t done so yet then I suggest you start making some plans for your next holiday. Specially if you are a food fanatic like myself. New York City is the hub of international cultures and one of the best cities for the culinary world. There are about 23,000 restaurants in New York City, with a total of 54 Michelin stars. Michelin stars are awarded to only the best restaurants in the world and is regarded as the highest possible award any restaurant can get. So 54 is a pretty high number comparing to other cities. 

It’s hard to go to New York and hold back your appetite. I know this first hand. The taste of the food there is just out of this world. So you can’t just go there and follow your cottage cheese / tuna diet. These restaurants I mention cost some money. If you dine in the fanciest restaurants everyday you may find yourself applying for food stamps pretty soon. Unless you’re ballin’ like that turd Donald Trump. Of course there are restaurants with delicious food and affordable prices. Wide range of em’ too. You name it, we’ve got it!

But if you live in New York, making $8.25 an hour with a $800+ rent due, you may not spend your evenings choosing fine wine and feasting on Chefs special. Americans choose the cheaper solution to feed themselves. These solutions include, Chinese take-out, Pizzerias, fast food chains, and a shit load of other junk that is there to solely fill up your stomach with fat, grease and with some more grease. This is why we are fat. Fat but happy! That’s right, we’re fat and we’re proud. (Not Really)

Wherever i’ve been, people have always brought up the issue of America being the fattest country in the world. It’s a sensitive subject for me. I don’t like to talk about it, but try staying skinny when there is like 9 different fast-food chains within a span of a mile. In Sweden i’ve only seen McDonalds, Burger King, and Max. That’t it! In America we have: … You know what forget it, I don’t even have enough space.

So if you go to New York remember to do your cardio every morning. Or better yet, sign up for a gym. Maybe even hire a PT.


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  1. helo esoory , totaly agree BUT, There is no love sincerer than the love of food. loves .baban

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