Want to Lose Weight?

Do you have excess kilos?  Want to lose weight? Then you need to try this brand new product! It’s called “Shut the #%&@ up, go workout and stop eating all that greasy shit!” I guarantee once you try this product it will change your life. For real!

When I decided to become a Personal Trainer I did not do it because I heard I could charge people $100 an hour, I didn’t do it so I could flirt with the hot girls that come to the gym with their sexy ass tight clothing. I did it so I could help people lead a healthy lifestyle. 🙂 True story!

Now, with that being said, I am gonna put up a diet for weight loss in this blog. You’ve probably heard people saying “Oh diets don’t work”. That’s a load of crap diets work wonders IF your fat ass sticks to it. Try this diet and see if it works for you. If not then you probably didn’t try hard enough. I will put up a new diet in 6 weeks so we can change things up.


Morning: Apple/Cinnamon Muesli with skim milk or light yogurt. 

2 hours: Handful of nuts.

Lunch: Grilled chicken salad

2hours: Fruit salad.

Dinner: Fish with grilled vegetables.

Night Snack: Green Tea or some nuts.


Now make sure you eat every 2,3 hours. DO NOT skip meals! You can play around with this a little if you want but this is the basic idea. You can have Sundays as your “Cheat Day”. Oh and make sure you drink like 2 liters of water daily. Stay away from sugars (DUUHHHHHHHH) and try cutting down the salt.

I charge a shit load of money for this information people so take advantage of it. I will help you if you need advice on working out or have any questions about the diet. Look, just give yourself 6 weeks and see the change for yourself. I promise you wont regret it and further more this will become a lifestyle for you.

I wish you all health and well being…



  1. It would be great if anyone can share this, the more people this reaches the more likely someone will get the message. If 1 person gives this a try then it’s a success…

    1. helo esory, nice diet , and the best thing about it, ITS FREE OFF CHARGE !!!!! ,i will pass it for some one you know . loves . baban

  2. I’m so going to try this! I’ll be back in back in six weeks to see the new diet! Is it possible to have potatoes, rice or pasta for lunch. Or cut all that out for the whole six weeks..?

    1. You can have just “a bit” of brown rice, brown pasta, or sweet potatoes for lunch but stay away from it at dinner time. And try to keep it to a maximum of 2,3 days a week. Good Luck! 🙂

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