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“I am on a budget but I want to take supplements.” “What should I buy?”

Okay, no one said going into bodybuilding would come at a cut-rate price. Price you pay in the gym, and the price you pay at GNC! I’ve known to walk into a GNC and spend over $450 all in one shopping cart. Everything I bought, i needed. I often like to experiment with new things like supplements, brands, types, etc. Just to see how I like it, or how it would that new product would affect my body. Just to give you an idea of how someone can spend $450 in one go;

My $450 shopping cart: How to choose supplements wisely!

Whey Protein Powder- $110 (oh come on, they had a buy one get one half off)

BCAA’s- $50 (also buy one get one half off)

Omega 3- $25 (again, buy one get one half off)

Casein Protein- $60

Mens Multivitamin- $45 (buy one get one half off)

Super HD- $50

Shakers- $15

Array of Antioxidants- $40

Nitric Oxide- $25

  • TAX!

Taking my shirt off … PRICELESS!

Now most of you probably don’t need all this. These things take me and my training to the next level. But like I said, i’m a dissected gym junkie who’s ready to take on anything. Trying new things not only give me more insight on how my body works, but gives me knowledge on how each and every supplement out there exerts it’s legend. So when I recommend something, know that it has been tried, tested and approved by Mr. West himself. I don’t recommend anything I’ve never used, or give an exercise I’ve never tackled myself. Rest assured, the things I list you can take with your mind at ease.

So you want to be the best you can be, but you’re on a budget. Obviously then the only thing I can suggest is a Whey Protein Powder. It’s essential after a workout. (that’s if you workout) But be careful when buying protein powders. Go too cheap and you end up with a taste so repugnant, and gruesome, you’ll wanna regurgitate after every single sip. It’s hell! Taste is important. Damn right!

You get what you pay for in this country, so remember, if something is cheap then it’s probably for good reason. Besides, spend an extra $15-20 bucks and you can get something that will contain no unwanted chemicals, extra BCAA’s, nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

But if you have a few extra dollars to spend, i highly recommend getting a multivitamin, some fish oil, and a stack of BCAA’s. It’s good stuff! You can’t lose. You just can’t. Again, watch the cheapness. Cheap things usually come with cheap production. So spend your money wisely and go for top shelf stuff.

For more on supplements and choosing the right protein powder check out the article I wrote last year;

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