Posture has a Say!

      You remember the story of the hunchback of Notre Dame? Not exactly the type of guy, men wanna look like or women would be interested in getting jiggy with! Obviously that was a cartoon. But there is a message in it. And the message is “Don’t develop a hunchback!” Sadly most people have developed improper posture through years of bad habits and unawareness! Proper health starts by having a good posture. Posture is the position of your body when standing and sitting down. You see the people that sit on the computer with their backs arched and shoulders protracted forward? Chances are you’re one of them! And i’m here to tell you how to not only fix your posture, but to break the bad habits you’ve adopted through the years. 


Let’s look at the causes shall we. You probably have an office job that requires you to sit  on your ass in front your computer all day with little to no movement. Or whenever you sit or walk you slouch because nobody taught you any better. You end up having rounded shoulders, which mind you lead to shoulder injuries. Your spine curls and is not in it’s natural position, which leads to back problems. Which in return causes your muscles compensate and now you have muscular imbalances which in return hit your knees and hips. Now you’re completely fucked because sally here likes to slouch! When all you had to do is sit up straight and you could have avoided all of that. 


The problem isn’t only in the upper part. Down in your lower back where the lumbar part of your spine is located is a condition called “lordosis”. In simple terms that’s when you have an overarched lower back. Your hips are tilted forward and your ass sticks out. Most girls confuse having a nice ass, but in reality they probably have a lordosis and a tilted hip which if not fixed could lead to injuries later on or even chronic pain. 


Let’s talk solutions! I’m gonna disclose everything you need to know and do for you to fix your posture. By doing this you will look better, taller, smarter and with a proud chest sticking out ready to tackle anything life throws at you! 



FIRST thing’s first!


Stop slouching! Sit up straight. When you sit, don’t arch your back. A good way to always remind yourself when you slip back to your old ways if to put a piece of tape between your shoulder blades. If you have a job that requires you to sit in front of a computer all day, swap your chair for a gym ball! They’re a great way to help you sit up straight since there is no back support. 




Exercise! The lack of movement in your muscles causes compensations and that leads to imbalances. Simple exercises you can do at home with little to no equipment will go a long way. Another way to support your back is to use a support strap on medical belt. 


LAST and most important! 


Actually doing these things! Even if you can’t tell by looking at yourself in the mirror, 75% of people suffer from rounded shoulders and improper posture! Chances are you’re part of that bunch. So don’t put it off. It’s never too late to fix a problem. Specially when it comes to your health!


List of exercises!


Prone Cobra– Lay down flat on stomach or stand up straight. Now retract your shoulder blades, hold for three seconds and return to normal position! Repeat 15×3 at 3x/week! 


The Stick tract- Sitting on a gym ball, hold the stick with your arms fully extended. Retract and squeeze your shoulder blades and hold for 5 seconds. 


Lat Pulldown– Easy access in the gym, this fine machine strengthens your latissimus dorsi and works stabilizers around the rotator cuff!


Superman- Lay flat on your stomach raising opposite arm and opposite leg alternating.


Floor Bridge– Lay on the floor with your knees bent. Raise your butt up towards the ceiling and squeeze your butt muscle. This exercise will help activate the biggest muscle in your body. Which is probably inactive due to muscular imbalances.


These are a few things you can do that will help a shit load for a better posture! 

The sooner you start the better it is. One way to tell if you have good posture is to have someone assess you. You can ask a friend to look from an angle and check if the top part of your shoulder is in line with your ear. Or just look in the mirror and retract your shoulder blades and see for yourself if you need it. Be well and healthy friends.