To Individuals who want to Lose HEALTHY Weight ASAP!


Maybe, your best friend is getting married and you wanna lose a few pounds for the wedding. Maybe, your new years resolution hasn’t got off to the best start. Or maybe, you just want an incredible “short cut” to torching fat. Whatever your aspirations may be, I guarantee, promise, vow, that if you follow the program I bestow you with step by step, you WILL, (Not may, can, perhaps, could, should) WILL lose up to 10 pounds in the first 10 days! Well slap my tits and call me shirley!


Now doing this program is no walk in the park. No seriously, you can’t just walk in the fucking park and lose 10 pounds out of your ass like that. It just doesn’t work that way.

But if you are ready to do what it takes, if you are willing to put half an hour a day of exercise and follow the diet strictly, then my promise is in order. I can only show you the way. You must carry on with the journey yourself my friend!


This program takes serious dedication. Specially if your nutritional therapy consists of burgers, pizza and donuts. Let me tell you right now that 70% of this concept, is the diet! That’s right! You can train as hard as you like, but if your post workout meal is a slice of heaven, the only thing you’re gonna drop is …. is.. DAMN, couldn’t come up with a good punchline for that!



The Diet!


Breakfast Options:


1) Egg White Omelet.

2) Oatmeal (Plain) with a 20g protein shake.

3) Whole Grain Bread (1 slice) with Salami/ Turkey/ Roast Beef/ Ham.

  1. Cottage Cheese


Wait 2-3 hours (No more than 3 hours and no less than 2)



1)Protein Shake

2)Handful of Nuts

3)A Carrot





1)Grilled Chicken + Salad

2)Fish + Vegetables

3)20g protein shake




Same as Lunch!




Now if you do not go off track from whatever is written on there, you’ll be watching the fat start deteriorating before your very eyes. But if you go on with your training, and diet for a couple of days and think you’ve earned yourself a little reward, then think again bitch. That little cookie, or piece of chocolate that you put in your mouth is gonna set you back as far as your entire workout. You just did all that, and went and ate that cookie. Well good for you Sally!

Don’t do it to yourself. Focus on your goal. After dropping the 10 pounds, then you can have a cookie. Hell, i’ll bake it myself! Just, not yet. So no sugar, no unnecessary carbs, no late night munchies.




As for training, keep your heart rate up! Keep the rest periods to a minimum. And remember, you’re not at the gym to chat with your bff’s. One more thing, you’re won’t lose this weight walking your dog in the park and come home to call it a workout. Go and pay your dues. Lord knows you owe it!


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I have achieved results like 10 pounds in 10 days with my former clients, friends and family. I know what it takes to torch fat, but it’s all up to the individual. I can give you all the diets and training programs in the world and it wont help unless you yourself decide that it’s time to change!


Good Luck friends. Takes guts!