Workout Log: CHEST!

Workout Log: CHEST!


This coming month I will be predominantly focusing on my Chest. In order for me to gain big, i need to lift big and eat big. This would mean I would have to tear every muscle fiber from every angle. How am I gonna it? With this specialized Chest training program!


First we target the upper chest! So we are gonna start with this superset;

Incline bench press + Incline bench flies !!! 8-12 reps @ 5 sets


  • Don’t be afraid to go heavy. But make sure you are keeping proper technique.


Next superset! We’re targeting upper and lower chest here!

Cable upper chest fly + Cable lower chest fly!!!  8-12@5


  • Upper chest fly: Keep cables low and bring it up while keeping your arms slightly bent.
  • Lower chest fly: Keep cables high and bring it down meeting your hands together while keeping your arms at a slight bent position.


Final Superset! 

This is the failure phase. In simple words.. this is gonna be the finisher! (if youre not finished already)


Bench press + Jump push ups!!! 8-12 for bench press and the jump push ups to FAILURE! 


(if you cant do jump push ups go for regular ones)

Just don’t do any girl push ups you fucking pansy!

Do this and feel the burn, the pump and the results! Best of luck to all who dare to challenge greatness!


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