Here’s the Thing

Okay here is the thing;

Finding the right words to put on a blank page is hard enough. Harder when you have a blog that solely focuses on Food and Training. Well this morning I woke up and I said “fuck that”

The whole point of me blogging about all that food and the workouts was an excuse just to write about something, anything really. I’m writing this to let you know (whoever the hell you are) that from this blog and on, I will write whatever I wanna write about. Whatever I wanna say, whatever I wanna think, however i wanna fucking say or think it.

So if this doesn’t suit you, i suggest you stop reading right, NOW!

Okay, so we have established that you want to keep reading. Good for you! (and me i guess) Now before this shit gets too long and boring I wanna close the unopened statement. I will keep on writing wherever my free mind takes me. Whether that be food, training, politics, religion, video games, anything. Hell i can even write about yo mama.

But i wouldn’t have anything interesting to say about that topic. Say whaaaaaaaaat!

Sorry for dissing yo mama earlier. But here is the thing; I write because I enjoy it. I write because there is so much I want to channel out that if I bottle it in, it’ll only cause havoc.

Sometimes the blank page is a mans best friend (what a fucking cliché) lol.

And who knows, maybe one day when I’m counting my days and got no more led left in my pencil i’ll read these pages written by the 23 year old version of myself and go “tha fuck is this?”.


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