No Homo

This is a very sensitive subject. No, i’m not gonna start singing. I wanna clear the air about same sex marriage. Here is my take on it; I don’t give a fuck!

America has gone back and fourth on this subject for too long in my opinion. Frankly we have bigger issues in our hands than gay people tying the knot. Or untying, whatever floats your boat.

Ignorance is Intolerable

Ignorance is Intolerable

Let us argue the facts here. Since i’m taking a neutral approach of not giving a fuck, i think i can be pretty fair. First off I wanna condemn not those who are homosexual, but those who are ignorant enough to fill their hearts with hatred, and disgust towards gay people. I’m not talking about those who keep their opinions or feelings to themselves. I’m talking about the ones who go out in public and protest against gay marriage. Seriously? Get a fucking clue!

I used to be against gay marriage. Now i’m just like, whatever. I don’t mind gay people. I grew up in New York city so it was natural for me to see people from all different kinds of backgrounds and sexual orientations. If i was a racist I think i’d be pretty exhausted.

I got to thinking though. There are gay people out there who have been with their respective partners for years and their love for each other is immense. Same as between a man and a woman, if not more. So why shouldn’t they have the right to be married? I believe in true love. And I believe that people in love should not be denied the right to marry. What is marriage anyway? To me it’s a contract between couples that says “if you leave me I will take half of your entire life”. Sure marriage should be sacred and it should be between a man and a woman but come on, it’s 2013. I mean if we live in a world where Bush can make president, and Justin Bieber, can be, well, Justin Bieber then I don’t think it’s so bad if gay people got married.

What got to me most is when I found out gay people had the right to adopt. I just don’t think it’s right for a child to have two fathers or two mothers. Think of the abuse they’d get in school. Think of how this will affect their lives.

Then i got to thinking. There are parents, mothers and fathers out there that don’t give two shits about their child. Children that need a parent and a loving home with support.

If gay people adopt, and give that child their utmost love and support then hey, why not?

If you are gonna treat that child as if your own and give it a better life than anyone else could, then i’m all for it.

The question can be argued in many ways. I can’t change the world or how people think, but maybe I don’t have to. By keeping and open mind and accepting change i’m not only more at ease but i’m also a more mature person for it.

So this is my take on it, short and sweet. Hope you enjoyed reading!


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