I’m Gonna Hiit Myself


Lately i’ve been experimenting with a different form of cardiovascular training. It’s called Hiit! (High Intensity Interval Training)

It could be tweaked in many different ways but in general, the way it works is you burst for about 30 seconds to a minute, then rest or slow down for 30 seconds to a minute while waiting for your heart rate to decrease. IMG_0885

So first of all you have to know your resting heart rate. My resting heart rate i usually between 45 to 55 bpm (beats per minute). Which is exceptional! (Thank the Lord) I have what people call an “Athletes heart rate”. But normally the average persons heart rate can vary from 60-90 bpm. I’m not gonna go into explaining heart rates and how it works. If you want more info about that I suggest you Google it!

Anyway. I think everyone should know their resting heart rate. You get an idea of how fit and healthy you are. Or vice versa.

Hiit is tough. Even tougher when you go out and do it in the freezing cold weather. If you do it right then 15 to 20 mins of hiit should do you justice. Whether your goal is fat loss, toning up, or aiming to have a healthier functioning body and heart, hiit is the way to go.

I do hiit 3x per week and i absolutely challenge myself to the fullest. I raise my heart rate to 165+ beats per minute, which is about 80-85% of my max heart rate. Then I slow down and let it drop down to about 130-150 beats per minute, which is 50-65% of my max heart rate. Then I go again. And again. Aaaand again. For 30 minutes.

I promise if you add Hiit to your life or any form of functional exercise you will be able to decrease your resting heart rate within the first 3 months. Your mind and body will function better as a result and it will set you up for a long, healthy life.

Start slow, and build up from there. You wont ever know what you are capable of until you reach your absolute limit and go past it.

Stay healthy my friends.


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