The Unorthodox Beast

Attention all boys and men who want a BIG chest!

I got your remedy right here, my brothers from other mothers!


Up until two months ago I was frustrated with the lack of progress and growth I was experiencing with my chest. No matter how much I racked up the weights, knocked out the reps, downed the shakes, it just wasn’t getting to where it needed to be. I hit a barrier and a major plateau. But little did I know the magnitude of effort, dedication, beast modes it would take for me to break that barrier! But once you get past that plateau, it’s all sunshine and gains!


ex: Imagine driving down long Island expressway. Traffic is moving fine. Then just like that, traffic starts at exit 29. Thats your plateau! You huff, you puff, put a song, sing along and before you know it, traffic is all back to normal and your’e on your way cruising. That’s you breaking that barrier! 

The point is, after a hurricane comes a rainbow. Haha, what a cliche! Anyway, put in the beast mode it takes (if you dare) and you will not only break your limit but unlock an infinite new potential!



Who says you can’t workout your chest any other day other than Monday! And who said you can only do chest once a week? Fuck that! I love chest days man. Love that pump. So I bumped it up. To two days a week. But that still didn’t work good enough for me. I wasn’t satisfied. I was beating my fibers to breaking point but recover so quick. I knew it would take something new, something drastic, something no man would ever dare to attempt, a place, a journey no mankind has ever had the required BEAST MODE to take on! 


I started to… wait for it… DO CHEST 2 DAYS IN A ROW! 

But Mr. West, WHAT!? You heard me! Smash that shit not only from every angle but through every single muscle fiber!


Day one: (Saturday) I went low on the racks and high on the reps! Tearing my type 1 muscle fibers. At 5 sets, a superset of 20+20, x 3! Do the math! 

Day two: (Sunday) Heavy as shit. Just heavy. To fucking failure baby! 


Loaded on carbs before training! (Slow digesting carbs)

Nitric Oxide, Bcaa’s and a 30g post workout protein shake with a source of fast carb, within 30 mins after demolition! 


Hell, I have this thing. I’m never really satisfied. It’s a curse!

So I added a 3rd day! A wednesday. Just a “light” pump day. Letting em’ get a taste from the Chef, of what’s about to come to them in the weekend! 


But hey, no guarantees. This worked for me, not because I was a beast on beast mode, but because my body reacted positively to the change. But everybody is different. What works for one might not work for another. But I can almost guarantee that if you put in the beast mode, the dedication, the motivation required, evolution won’t have much to say on the matter. 


Seriously dude, summer 2014 is right around the corner! Get to it!








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