5 Exercises you should NEVER do!

The following few exercises put you at major risk for injury and should be avoided. I myself have implemented some of these to my training way back when. But of course you never stop learning. Now even though you may love some of these exercises, you need to learn to LET GO and move on. It’s not worth breaking your back over. Seriously!

1- Behind the head Lat Pulldown


Don’t do this!

The Lat pulldown machine was designed for one purpose only, and that is to work your latissimus dorsi. (The wing muscle) That is done by keeping your arms wide, leaning back slightly and pulling the bar down to your sternum (chest). Pulling it behind your head causes the shoulder joint to overhaul and create excess pressure which lead to injuries such as shoulder impingements. And trust me, that shit hurts. Constant exertion of this exercise will in time tarnish your shoulder which will cause muscles to compensate and pain will hit other areas such as the neck or lower back.


2- Seated leg extensions 


Leg Extension

Unless you’re a seasoned veteran, stay off the leg extension machine. The knee wasn’t designed to be placed under such immense pressure. Specially if you already have knee problems. There are a hundred other ways you can target your quadriceps. Most of us have overactive quadriceps anyway, so by working it we aren’t really helping a great cause. Try activating your butt muscle. It’s the biggest muscle in your body. It will ease some of the pressure from other leg muscles, your lower back and hips.





 3- Inner and Outer thigh machines


Don’t do this! (Except for her)

Bitches love this exercise. Opening up pandora and closing it up again. Very erotic. Specially if it’s a hot girl with tight pants. Okay now i’m drifting off topic. Long story short, these machines work very small muscles by putting way too much pressure on them, leading to hip and lower back problems. Truth is, the companies that make these gym machines don’t care about if the machine causes harm or not, they just wanna sell. Try laying on your side and raising your leg up and down 20 times. That will work those adductors with the force of gravity without placing unnecessary pressure.


4- Upright rows


I used to do this one.

Another exercise putting you in danger of shoulder impingement by compressing the nerves in the shoulder area. It’s also tricky to execute with proper form for the average joe. Try bent over rows instead. They work your upper and mid back while using your core as stabilizers. So you work a bigger muscle group and with little to no danger of injury, you can go a little heavier to boost you ego.


5- Lower back machines

ImageAgain, a machine made by companies solely for profits. Yet again, an exercise that puts way too much pressure on a very fragile and sensitive part of the body. NEVER put any excess pressure on your lower back without being 120% sure of what you are doing. Go for bodyweight, high rep exercises. Trust me it’s no walk in the park. It’s incredibly challenging yet very safe and beneficial for the strengthening of the lower back and maintaining proper posture.


There are many more exercises you should never do. But these are what I commonly see at the gym. And sometimes, if i feel like it, approach the person and tell them a piece of my mind. But most of the time, i just say “fuck it”.

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