8 Methods to CHISEL Your BODY

The 8 Methods to “GET CHISELED”!

No matter what your goal is, the following choice of methods are the key for a body women will ache for, and men will drool for! Providing of course the guidelines are followed with dedication, motivation and raw hard work. 

There is something for everyone. And I mean EVERYONE! You just need to be open minded, a little flexible and sacrifice. To be honest, it all comes down to one simple question;


Method #1


The “I’m ready to hit the gym and follow a strict diet” method; 

This is the fastest, easiest and the most direct approach to your goal. This is where you bust your ass in the gym and say goodbye to junk food. Sounds simple enough? Guess again!

Start the path to “Method #1” with the diet and training program provided in the links below.

The Diet Plan

The Training Program

Method #2

The “I don’t have time to go to the gym” method;

Okay. I get it. But let me tell you something, it’s not about having time, it’s about MAKING time. But whatever! Here is what you do…fitness-twitter-healthy-hot-pounds-fat-beach-2014

Take 30-50 minutes a day to execute this training program along with a hardcore diet.

Follow this link….

Home Workout Programs 

All You Need is a CHAIR!

Method #3

The “I’ll workout but I ain’t dieting” method;

Let me tell you right now, without a clean diet, you wont get far. HOWEVER! If you’re the type of person that just doesn’t do well with a diet plan, no worries! Like I said there is something for EVERYONE!

Fellow Indulgers… my next article will be a testament to you.

Method #4

The “I hate lifting weights” method;


Okay so not everyone is born to lift. And i’m here to tell you, YOU DON’T HAVE TO! I’ve met so many people with “weight freight”. I’m not gonna ask you to overcome your fear or do something you’re not comfortable with. All i’m gonna do is direct you to the link below…


Method #5

The “I want to workout, but I have an injury” method;

We all get injured. If you have chronic pain or a disease that prevents you from doing the exercises your healthy self would do, no need to worry. We can work around it. Since this is a special case scenario, the plan will vary from one individual to another. I’d have to know the extent of your injury or illness to be able to make a program that your body will append to.

If your method is reluctantly #5, please do shoot me an email so we can work around the matter personally. Don’t worry, it’s free of charge. Cheap ass!


Method #6

The “I just wanna improve my overall health” method;

So you don’t have aspirations to look like a fitness model but you want to be generally healthier regarding food choices, supplements, vitamins, training, and overall lifestyle. Change the way your body and your skin feels while revving up your metabolism by following the links below.


All you need to know about Multivitamins!


Method #7

The “I wont workout nor follow any sort of clean diet” method;

Okay, how do i say this nicely…

Go screw yourself!

Since you love food so much… check out;

West’s Kitchen

Method #8 

The absolute most effective method of all!

The “I want a completely personalized diet and program for what MY body needs” method!

If that’s the case, you know where to find me.

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